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Linda [userpic]
Dude Needs To Get His Daggone LJ Reinstated!!!
by Linda (lovelylind)
at December 7th, 2005 (10:20 pm)

current mood: amused

Sonicblizzard: Have you figured out when you're going home yet?
All Sta 00: yea.. wednesday the 20th
Sonicblizzard: Cool, cool
Sonicblizzard: So let's see...that means we can kick in on the 26th, then...
All Sta 00: we can kick in
All Sta 00: ?
Sonicblizzard: Hang out...
Sonicblizzard: Chill...
All Sta 00: ohh
Sonicblizzard: *hands you Slangtionary*
All Sta 00: LOL!
All Sta 00: :-(
Sonicblizzard: Damn pre-med students...
All Sta 00: shush you!
Sonicblizzard: If it doesn't have a Latin suffix they could care less
All Sta 00: lol!
Sonicblizzard: Let me try in your langauge...
Sonicblizzard: Hangae outus
All Sta 00: lol :-\
Sonicblizzard: I'm sorry, that's wrong...that's what I do first thing in the morning...
Sonicblizzard: O:-)
All Sta 00: LOL :-( that is personal info, my dear

Teresa Mercer [userpic]
kids don't do drugs!
by Teresa Mercer (evilbubbles)
at November 23rd, 2005 (12:21 am)

current mood: horny
current song: bastard-dope

okay my bf works at a hotel and this is what happened to his friend that worked the other night. steve is his friend.herb is a taxie driver that stays there to hang out but tends to fall asleep.

Stay off of Drugs. Read this story and find out whyCollapse )

Linda [userpic]
Free Panty Coupons! lol
by Linda (lovelylind)
at October 20th, 2005 (09:24 pm)

current mood: amused

My Buddy TerryCollapse )

I already signed up. :ox

City Mouse [userpic]
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at September 26th, 2005 (10:43 am)

All Sta 00: ok folks... if your roommate is leaving doodoo marks in the toilet, more than once
All Sta 00: what would you do?
bow down b4 isis: lol
bow down b4 isis: you could pull a white girl
La Doctress: shove her face in it
EcKoBuNsDuEx: umm get out the dog house
bow down b4 isis: and talk about how dirty the toilet is
All Sta 00: LOLLLL @ Eb
Sonicblizzard: LMAO
EcKoBuNsDuEx: -in the dog house right now
La Doctress: that's how they train dogs
EcKoBuNsDuEx: and I'm out
EcKoBuNsDuEx has left the room.
RichiRch2: LOL@that's how they train dogs!!!!

it only gets worse...Collapse )
Sonicblizzard: I think you should whipe your ass on her bedspread
RichiRch2: but it's happened a couple more times since
bow down b4 isis: lmao @ sonic
La Doctress: "PLEASE wash your shit crumbs out the toilet KTHXBI!!!!"
RichiRch2: LOLOLOLOL!!!
bow down b4 isis: lol @ crumbs
bow down b4 isis: ain't it more like gravy or something
All Sta 00: LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ::dyinggg::
yes, there's moreCollapse )

City Mouse [userpic]
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at September 17th, 2005 (06:06 pm)

All Sta 00: 2 seconds ago, I was thinkin how you and Ben would be the ultimate couple :-X

La Doctress: why you'd think i'd be good with ben though? he doesn;t give compliments? lol
All Sta 00: lol no
All Sta 00: cuz yall's philosophies are similar
All Sta 00: he's a card carrying Socialist lol
La Doctress: oh good shit!
All Sta 00: lol
All Sta 00: his sn is ********* :-X
La Doctress: lol@card carrying. like there's a membership application and fees and ish
La Doctress: YOU are crazy!!!!
All Sta 00: lol they collect it and distribute it equally among the members :-X
La Doctress: like i'ma IM him like "ummmm uhhh you don't know me, but uhhhh our philosophies are the same!!! ;-):-*:-D"
La Doctress: lol@the socialist fee distribution!
All Sta 00: I'll invite him to a chatroom one day and start talkin about my financial problems :-X
La Doctress: LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

City Mouse [userpic]
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at August 10th, 2005 (11:55 am)

Butter9572 (12:03:37 AM): hey mama
Butter9572 (12:17:05 AM): where are you these days?
Auto response from La Doctress (12:17:05 AM): Either I'm sleep or I'm masturbating. Take your pick.
Butter9572 (12:17:32 AM): I guess that answers that question

Danielle [userpic]
by Danielle (toodani)
at July 30th, 2005 (10:24 am)

i tried to join this community today but i couldn't.

I had already joined and forgotten. SORRY! lol

these are clips from IM's with Linda last night

[01:37] Allsta00: I'm not sweating it... he's eye candy
[01:37] EarthsCherub: LOL. that's so...urban of you linda
[01:38] Allsta00: lol what do you mean?
[01:38] EarthsCherub: for you to just bust out with "sweatin it" and "eye candy"
[01:39] Allsta00: lol heffa, I can be urban!!

[02:14] Allsta00: and who names a black girl Lucy? :-
[02:14] Allsta00: :-\
[02:14] EarthsCherub: LOL i think she's wite
[02:14] EarthsCherub: or.. wHite
[02:14] Allsta00: ok, lemme stop.. I have an aunty named Lucy :-x

[02:14] Allsta00: well, yea, if she's white, I woulda BEEN told her off :-x
[02:15] Allsta00: startin off with "Look, you white biotch..." :-x
[02:15] Allsta00: "I know you wanna have some 'flava' but u gotta take your fast lil tail ELSEWHERE, cuz it ain't happenin here" :-x
[02:16] Allsta00: don't let me find out a white girl is chasin after MY man.....whew :-x
[02:16] Allsta00: ok, I don't think this helps.

[02:31] Allsta00: yea huh! According to Hitch (and psychological studies)

lol@Hitch being a reference. what next linda, are you going to cite Wikipedia!?

City Mouse [userpic]
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at June 19th, 2005 (06:41 pm)

Musikmanmike: how you spell melonin?
Musikmanmike: is that right?
Musikmanmike: it aint, huh..
Musikmanmike: melonon
Musikmanmike: melonan
Musikmanmike: meloninin
La Doctress: melanin
Musikmanmike: melonian
Musikmanmike: ahh!
La Doctress: LOL!!!!
Musikmanmike: good lookin out
Musikmanmike: lol
La Doctress: i'm sorry but you spelled it wrong MAD diff ways lol
Musikmanmike: lol, gotta be creative
La Doctress: my man said melonian
La Doctress: that's a muthafucka from the planet melonia
Musikmanmike: lol!
Musikmanmike: thas the REAL motherland!!
cuanto es 'fiftyleven?Collapse )

Poll #516219 Cuanto es "fiftyleven?"

Which is more? Fiftyleven or umpteen?

They are the same amount

City Mouse [userpic]
Know when to say "when"
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at April 18th, 2005 (09:48 pm)

current mood: sad

Lawdy Jeevs

La Doctress: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bad_sex/1407284.html?#cutid1
La Doctress: =-O
All Sta 00: dang, did I write in there? :-X
La Doctress: you lost me
All Sta 00: I'm teasing
La Doctress: i know that, but you still lost me
La Doctress: did you SEE link????
All Sta 00: not yet... I'm about to click on it
La Doctress: lol oh ok. you will not be making jokes about that being you when you see the link. TRUST!
All Sta 00: I have to vomit now >:o
y masCollapse )

City Mouse [userpic]
by City Mouse (dyvinesweetness)
at March 6th, 2005 (09:24 pm)

Talk about Martha Stewart led to talk about low security prisons (camp cupcake). Warning: The n-word is used a few times.

LockdownCollapse )

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